Pros and Cons of Texas

The post-graduation job hunt started last week, on its own accord. A couple of job opportunities called and emailed me like, “Hey, we know you’re still barely capable of remembering to pack your own lunch, but we want you to consider applying for this job we probably won’t give you!” And I mean, who turns down an offer like that?!

The only trouble with these opportunities is that they’re in Texas. Here are some pros and cons of applying for jobs in Texas:

-I am also in Texas. (MIND. BLOWN. Amirite???)
-I have “connections” here. That is to say, I have professors notifying me and hundreds of other UNT seniors and grads of a few limited opportunities. Which is still more than I can say about The Greater Chicago Area.
-Gas is cheaper in Texas. Also, so is everything else. (Wink, wink! You know what I’m sayin! …Cost of living, baby!)
-The blog title “Waiting for Chicago” would make sense for longer, which is cool except for the yearning sense of homesickness as the backdrop of my everyday life.
-I’m pretty sure Jesus lives in Texas.

-Texas. I mean, this is obvious.
-I anticipate 80% of the things I love to be in or near Illinois. That is, my family, my Tom, and some dogs. (The other 20% consists of Texas weather, the fact that I would have a job, and some friends nearby. But mostly the weather. Pfft, friends.)
-Republicans left, Republicans right! Republicans burning crosses all night! (Get it? It was a KKK joke. Totally distasteful and completely exaggerated. They have to sleep some time.)
-The longer I spend around twangy accents, the more twang I unintentionally acquire. Which ultimately means that the longer it takes me to get back north, the more foolish I’ll look when I get there. Just, please, whatever happens to me, nobody let me buy a cowboy hat.

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