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Unique DIY Father’s Day Gifts

You have one week left to go buy your dad a shitty card and a tie he doesn’t need.  OR.  Be trendy.  Make something yourself.  DIY is uber-hip these days and you know how Dad likes to keep with the … Continue reading

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What I Am Doing With My Parents’ Money While I Am Unemployed

-Buying kittens from shelters and giving them to homeless people.  I think this is great because it saves the kittens and offers a good friend (or meal) to someone in need. -Hiring my roommates to clean the apartment.  Asking them … Continue reading

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Pros and Cons of Texas

The post-graduation job hunt started last week, on its own accord. A couple of job opportunities called and emailed me like, “Hey, we know you’re still barely capable of remembering to pack your own lunch, but we want you to … Continue reading

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