Unique DIY Father’s Day Gifts

You have one week left to go buy your dad a shitty card and a tie he doesn’t need.  OR.  Be trendy.  Make something yourself.  DIY is uber-hip these days and you know how Dad likes to keep with the times.  Plus, you know, something about love in every stitch or some shit.

-If your old man is balding, knit a hat he can wear with yarn made from your hair.  Preferably hair from your head, but feel free to make this project your own.

-Be creatively cliche.  Because it’s somehow not cliche any more if you put some kind of clever spin on it.  Like, give him a tie…that looks like a noose!  FUNNY RIGHT?!  He will love it.

-Give him a mani/pedi.  A, being metrosexual is totally hip.  B, if you do it yourself, the only cost is touching (and smelling) his gnarly old-man feet.

-Ask him what he wants – but then MAKE IT YOURSELF.  Example: he wants an iPad.  So you find some driftwood and paint apps on it.  Super cute, cheap, and approximately as useful as the real thing!

-Call him instead of just texting him.  BAM!  Soooo 20th century.  Don’t worry, retro is always in.

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One Response to Unique DIY Father’s Day Gifts

  1. keamli says:

    Um, Father’s day is this weekend. Like 2 days from now.


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