“Solo Teach Lesson Critique on December 4th, Tuesday from 9:45-10:40, Teaching the Third Grade White Kid Class”

I would like to share with you some comments I got on my lesson today from my classmate Drew.  (Student names have been changed to Pokemon names for their privacy and because it makes me giggle.  Except Drew’s name.  Technically though I bet his name is Andrew so really it was changed too.  Until I told you that.  Sorry Drew, I blew your cover.) I like this critique because it reminds me of my brother, who I miss because it’s just so weird not having someone make fun of everything I do all the time.

All credit for any entertaining doucheyness that follows goes to Drew, whose creative talents I am mooching off of today because I’m tired of coming up with shit.  I’m not even going to give you any context (some of it’s funnier without anyways).  I’m just going to type the highlights verbatim (PS all grammar and spelling errors are Drew’s fault because he is not as literate as me, and also he sucks):

-good job sitting there!

-There needs to be more team involvement, I think.  Maybe have them do it in order?  Chant the whole thing?  First team to chant correctly wins?  Drew is Awesome?

-I really heard your Canadian accent when you said so

-maybe think about hanging the boards up in the future – the ground is for chumps.

-Watch your boys in the back, keep them involved.  Yup, they’re wrestling now.  Awesome.  The girls are slap-fighting.  I’m pretty sure I saw some of them playing a round of craps.

-Wobuffet is now dragging Electabuzz around

-Where did your teams go?  you just have a huge blob now! ChickenNuggetttt!!

-Nice getting them back w/o being mean.  You’re usually the meanest.  I could have sworn I saw your legs roll up when Dorothy dropped her house on you.

-What the hell is Electabuzz doing & why haven’t you stopped him? (beating the ground like an ape)

-Santa Cluck is a lame name.


Disclaimer: I’m not Canadian.

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2 Responses to “Solo Teach Lesson Critique on December 4th, Tuesday from 9:45-10:40, Teaching the Third Grade White Kid Class”

  1. Adrianne says:

    To us Texans, anything north of Kansas is Canada.


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