Don’t worry, we called the cops.

Wherever you work, people can get pretty grumpy about giving you their money.  Even when you work in an apartment complex where they’ve signed a binding legal document agreeing to cough it up.  Even when that document gives you the right to send to collections and screw up their credit if they’re butt holes about paying.

A few weeks ago we had an ex-resident call to speak with a manager about the damages he was charged.  Most people are not thrilled to be charged with damages, even when they intentionally break everything in the apartment and take a piss on the rug.  But this guy was furious-er than average.  The conversation went like this:

Angry douche: I’m not fucking paying this shit!  I know where you live, bitch!  I have a gun!  I’m going to blow your fucking head off!

Awesome manager: Killing me isn’t going to help your credit.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how to respond to a death threat.

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