“How come nobody has thought of this before?”

My sister called me today because her job isn’t awesome but I am, so she was making up for it.  After the usual fretting about how we are each turning into our mother, we had this conversation:

Kelsey: You know how kids are like, hella strong?

Me: You mean how they’re weirdly muscular?

Kelsey: Yeah.  Do you know why that is?

Me: No.

Kelsey: It’s because they have to climb to get everywhere.  If you and I had to climb on the couch to sit on it, we would be hella strong too.  So the question is, why don’t we have giant couches?

Me: We should make them.  We could sell them.  It would cure obesity.

Kelsey: I don’t care about curing obesity.  I just wanna be hella strong.

Me: So do I.  So does everyone.  There is no way this would not be a successful business model.


And *that* is how my sister and I are going to remedy the fact that we need new careers.

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One Response to “How come nobody has thought of this before?”

  1. zadimortis says:

    Every million dollar industry started at some point as an idea discussed in a haphazard conversation. :3


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