What I want to be when I grow up

Every few days (and sometimes every few hours) I suddenly desperately decide I do not want to teach music.  Probably because I’m almost done with a degree that costs more than I will likely make in my entire career.

My high school self, the self that decided I was going to pursue my passion and live a meager but satisfied life, had never been poor before but thought that I could totally dig it, because let’s be honest: Jesus loves poor people best.  My college self, in contrast, lives with my hands in my empty pockets, groping for spare change that magically turns to ramen whenever I touch it.  (Apparently another side effect of ingesting MSG is an anguished desire for a higher salary.)

Then today, in between studying for a music history test about polyphony in the 13th century (which is, of course, the only reason anybody wants to study music in the first place), I watched this movie.  Which you should definitely invest $10 in.

It’s technically about video games, but beyond that it’s just a powerful success story about how painful and soul-sucking it is to spend night and day pouring yourself into something you’re passionate about that may or may not pay off.  Even though it’s a documentary, everything in the movie does pay off and they all end up rich and semi-famous.  (Which is not a spoiler because it’s real life.)

The moral of the story is supposed to be that I should be inspired to pursue music in spite of the obstacles because hard work pays off and the gratification will make everything I’ve been through to get there okay.  Except that with teaching there is no ending in which I make a million dollars almost overnight at the end of it all.  I can only assume this is because there is not quite any such thing as “indie teaching.”  Which is actually kind of okay because that sounds really dumb.  So the real conclusion to be drawn here is that I should have gone into software design.  Or Canada.

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7 Responses to What I want to be when I grow up

  1. I am totally going to be a Canadian when I grow up.

  2. zadimortis says:

    I wonder if there’s some way we can petition WordPress to get rid of blogs like that… I’m sure there’s hundreds of others like it who whipped up a blog page and never did anything but claimed the good titles…


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